Code of Ethics

My aim is to focus on delivering the best outcome or service for my clients at each consultation and I abide by the following Code of Ethics:
◾I set a credible, honourable and ethical example for my profession by conducting my work with the highest integrity
◾I honour the confidentiality of my clients and personal information will be communicated for professional purposes only, with the consent of the client or as may be required by law
◾I maintain a high standard of professionalism in my behaviour, hygiene, manner and language as well as in my business and financial activities
◾I encourage clients to be self-responsible in realising their own truth and in contributing to their own personal health by following recommendations and fulfilling home support options when provided
◾I honour my financial responsibilities; being fair and honest in all areas of my business and provide clear information to clients of all costs pertaining to treatments including any cancellation fees or charges
◾I regard the financial success, stability and growth of my business in alignment with this Code of Ethics and therefore strive to provide the highest quality treatments to my clients
◾I always strive to be fair and objective in my advice and actions, and I am never influenced in my decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability
◾I do not defame or criticise other models of medicine or healing to any person, nor do I misrepresent my professional capability or qualifications
◾I am committed to meeting the expectations required as a professional member of my accredited Australian Association and also abide by their Code of Ethics
◾I recognise my professional limitations and I acknowledge the need to refer my clients to other professionals whenever necessary
◾I continue to expand and update my skills to be able to provide excellent service
◾I continue to explore my own personal development to grow as a person as well as a practitioner to meet the ongoing needs of my clients.

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