What to expect in a session:
Kinesiology recognises that every person is unique and so there are no “one size fits all” solutions and no two sessions are ever the same. Each individual is treated in the way that best suits his or her needs at the time. A Kinesiology consultation is called a ‘balance’. The balance will take about 1 hour (except for the initial appointment) and the session is conducted lying down on a massage table.
When muscle testing is being conducted to identify stress and imbalances in the body’s energy, the kinesiologist will place your arms, feet, legs and hands in certain testing positions. Muscle testing can also be conducted sitting or standing if preferred. We provide a safe, nurturing and non judgmental environment and all sessions are 100% confidential.


What to wear in a session:
We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing and you will remain fully clothed for the entirety of the session, although you will be asked to remove your shoes before lying down on the massage table. We highly recommend that women wear long pants or shorts instead of skirts or dresses.

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