What is Kinesiology??

One of the goals of great health and wellbeing is to find a sense of balance. When we feel sick or just not on top of things, it can feel as if we are out of balance.

The aim of Kinesiology is to regain that sense of balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, by tapping into the body’s own wisdom and healing potential.

A Kinesiologist uses a combination of muscle monitoring and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess the body’s levels of energy and identify factors that may be blocking the body’s natural healing processes. These factors can include stress, sensitivities, physical or hormonal imbalances and specific emotional issues.

How Can Kinesiology Help Me?

Kinesiology can help to:
Relieve pain
• Release emotional, mental or physical stress
• Relieve muscular and nervous disorders.
• Correct hormonal and digestive imbalances
• Assist with learning and behavioural difficulties
• Improve sports or personal performance
• Clear allergies, depression, anxiety and phobias
• Improve chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
• Take control of addictions and weight management.
• Plus much, much more…..


Kinesiology treatment with Nayda Fitzgerald


 Kinesiology taps into the true potential within us to find that all-important sense of balance and wellbeing. It stands apart from other types of health modalities due to its use of muscle testing to communicate with the body’s own healing intelligence.

We all have the ability to help ourselves and take responsibility for our lives, sometimes we just need help finding the right questions to ask.

Vital-flow Therapies will provide guidance and support, empowering you to take charge of your health and begin to live the vibrant life you know you deserve!


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What to expect:

Our bodies are all unique and we have different priorities we need to work with to regain our health. By following the standard Kinesiology treatment plan below you will get the best results. It involves the following treatments:

Initial consultation including client history, intro to Kinesiology and a balance  (Allow 1.5hrs)

Second treatment, one week later – full balance (Allow 1hr)

Third treatment, one week later – full balance (Allow 1hr)

Fourth treatment, two weeks later – full balance (Allow 1hr)

Fifth treatment, two weeks later includes a full balance (Allow 1hr)

Depending on what we have been working on, you may then be able to stretch your treatments to either 3 or 4 weeks apart or just have maintenance balances every few months. Using this treatment program you are giving your body the best chance possible to heal itself. Remember it took a long time for your body to get to the stage it is at, so it is realistic that it may take some time to heal. Of course, symptoms may resolve much quicker and fewer sessions may be required. .

Treating the cause of your condition rather than just treating the symptoms means lasting results. Not only that but you are empowered to know the real cause of your condition and the things that you can change in your life to help prevent the condition returning. I work not just on the physical level but also on the mental and emotional imbalances that are so often an integral part of the issue. I am passionate about educating my clients to become a vital participant in their recovery.

Muscle testing is gentle and non-invasive. Clients feel energised, focused and relaxed after a Kinesiology session.

What to expect in a session:
Kinesiology recognises that every person is unique and so there are no “one size fits all” solutions and no two sessions are ever the same. Each individual is treated in the way that best suits his or her needs at the time. A Kinesiology consultation is called a ‘balance’. The balance will take about 1 hour (except for the initial appointment) and the session is conducted lying down on a massage table.

When muscle testing is being conducted to identify stress and imbalances in the body’s energy, the kinesiologist will place your arms, feet, legs and hands in certain testing positions. Muscle testing can also be conducted sitting or standing if preferred. We provide a safe, nurturing and non judgmental environment and all sessions are 100% confidential.

What to wear in a session:
We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing and you will remain fully clothed for the entirety of the session, although you will be asked to remove your shoes before lying down on the massage table. We highly recommend that women wear long pants or shorts instead of skirts or dresses.

You can read all you like about Kinesiology but there is no substitute for trying it yourself. You’ll be amazed to see how it works and, of course, you’ll begin to feel the benefits.

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